Athens Anti-Discrimination Movement respond to Ordinance pulled from Tuesday Agenda Voting Meeting

Immediate Press Release: Septemeber 02, 2016
Athens Anti-Discrimination  Movement (AADM) respond to the Anti-Discrimination Ordinance pulled from Tuesday Voting Agenda Meeting

Athens Anti-Discrimination Movement will host a public meeting Wednesday, September 7, 2016, 5-7pm at Athens-Clarke County Library 2025 Baxter St, Athens, GA 30606 to openly discuss the purpose,  concerns, and benefits of having an Athens Civil Rights Committee (ACRC).  At this meeting, citizens can learn more about ACRC, share their personal stories of discrimination, and will have an opportunity to sign the ACRC petition. This meeting will also clearly establish Athens Anti-Discrimination Movement agenda.

In response to Mayor Denson recently pulling the proposed Anti-Discrimination Ordinance from Tuesday agenda voting meeting, Lead Organizer of Athens Anti-Discrimination Movement and Activist, Mokah Johnsons states “Even though I respect the Mayor’s decision, I was disappointed that the ordinance was  pulled from Tuesday Agenda voting meeting because, after months of fighting for justice and equality, I was looking forward to coming to a resolution.” “Yet, I hope that this is a sign that our government is heavily considering incorporating some kind of citizens committee and will broaden the ordinance so that it covers more than bars.”  “With that being said, the issue of discrimination in Athens need to be fully addressed and can no longer be swept under the rug.”

Regardless of which path our local government chooses to follow, AADM will continue to be a voice and platform for local citizens and will continue to fight for racial justice and equality for ALL. The first initiative will involve completing the Athens Anti-Discrimination Sticker Campaign. This campaign is designed to encourage local businesses to place a “United Against Discrimination” sticker on their front door or windows to indicate that everyone is welcomed. Several downtown businesses such as  Bar Georgia, World Famous, The Globe, Wilsons Barbershop, Hendershot’s and a few others have already agreed to place a sticker on their door or window.

The Athens Anti-Discrimination Movement encourages our members to treat each other with Love, Respect, and Compassion. Therefore our goal is not to demonize our local government, but to work with local official’s to combat discrimination in our community.

For more information, you may contact Mokah Johnson 678 835 8497 or visit

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