Athens Black Market Press Release

For Immediate Release-July 27, 2016
Contact: Mokah Johnson
678 835 8497

As you walk through the Streets of downtown Athens, you will only find a handful of Black-Owned businesses and you will also discover a lack of cultural diversity. With this in mind, the Athens Black Market is designed to support and promote Black and Minority business owners, to provide an outlet where they can serve the community and cater to a diverse audience. At Athens Black Market, you will find quality vendors, guest speakers, and live entertainment August 6th, 1-5 pm on Max Canada (Patio), 243 Washington St, Athens, GA 30601

For years, the term Black Market has been associated with the negative trade of goods, but Athens Black Market will aim to provide quality
services and products. Organizers Mokah and Knowa Johnson, founders of Athens Anti-Discrimination Movement and Athens Hip Hop Awards aim to stimulate cultural diversity and Black Economics within downtown Athens, Georgia. “Since relocating to Athens in 2012, we have been working and strategizing to improve the cultural aspect of Downtown, Athens.” This is a Quarterly event and “we’re hoping to mobilize Athens Black Market by hosting this forum throughout various locations in Downtown Athens.”

This initiative is brought to you by Athens Anti-Discrimination Movement. The goal of this organization is to campaign for justice and
equality, to  improve race relations, and protest  against prejudice or bias beliefs that result in unfair treatment of individuals or groups. Thus, we encourage all those who are fighting for justice and equality to come out and help support Black Owned and Minority Businesses. Why? Because in order for minorities to improve their circumstances, and equally gain access to the American Dream, they must have an opportunity to extensively improve their finances.

By attending this event local consumers can shop with Minority and Black Business owners such as Flannigan Art Studio, The Munchiezz Food Truck, play a game with Chess and Community and find cultural products, natural foods, and more. We will also provide a list of locally Black Owned businesses so that consumers can continue to show their support throughout the year.

Upcoming Dates:

November 2016

March 2017

July 2017


For more information on Athens Black Market, please contact 678 835 8497 0r 678 740 3884. 

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