Athens Stop the Killing Vigil and Protest

For immediate Release: Athens Stop the Killing “Vigil and Protest”

July 9th-News Alert-Athens Clarke-County Citizens and local community leaders will gather at Athens City Hall 301 College Ave, Sunday, July 10, 3pm to pray and protest against the shooting and killing of Castile and Alton in addition to offer a moment of silence for the officers who lost their lives.

How many more black men and boys must die before the police will be held accountable for their actions? Stop the Killing “Vigil and Protest” is a peaceful call for justice and observance in response to the recent shooting and killings in Minnesota and Baton, Rouge. Due to these tragic events, African Americans community’s across the nation are mourning  and frustrated with police brutality and so are citizens in Athens-Clarke County. With an outpour of emotions, Facebook messages, and posting from various local citizens, the Athens Anti-Discrimination Movement and Athens For Everyone felt it was pertinent to organized Stop the Killing “Vigil and Protest” to help support the #blacklivesmatter movement and bring forth justice.

During these times, Athens local residents will unite as one, through prayer and protesting for the families who recently lost their loved ones. Organizer Mokah Jasmine Johnson states, “We don’t have all the answers, we know some people don’t believe rallying will make a difference but prayer is powerful and we have to take action.” “If Martin Luther King and the Freedom Riders did not Protest, March or Rally, where would we be today?”

African American citizens have been mistreated and discriminated against for many years and the police killing black men, women, and children is not a new issue for the Black Community, thus the fight still continues. Tim Denson president of Athens For Every stated “people are hurt and angry and maybe a vigil will help our community release their frustration and work towards healing.”

For more info contact 678 835 8497

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