Athens Anti-Discrimination Movement respond to Ordinance pulled from Tuesday Agenda Voting Meeting

Immediate Press Release: Septemeber 02, 2016
Athens Anti-Discrimination  Movement (AADM) respond to the Anti-Discrimination Ordinance pulled from Tuesday Voting Agenda Meeting

Athens Anti-Discrimination Movement will host a public meeting Wednesday, September 7, 2016, 5-7pm at Athens-Clarke County Library 2025 Baxter St, Athens, GA 30606 to openly discuss the purpose,  … Continue reading

Sign Petition For Athens Civil Rights Committee

PETITION: Call for the Creation of a Civil Rights Committee

August 16, 2016
Athens-Clarke County Mayor Nancy Denson and Commissioners:

We, the undersigned, call upon the Athens-Clarke County Mayor and Commission to incorporate into the proposed Anti-Discrimination Ordinance a Civil Rights Committee (previously referred to as a Human Relations … Continue reading

Anti-Discrimination Sticker Campaign

In order to assist with combating discrimination in our local community, the Athens Anti-Discrimination Movement have implemented the “United Against Discrimination” sticker campaign  which encourages local business owners to place a sticker on their  front door or windows to indicate that everyone is welcomed regardless of race, gender,  sexual orientation, etc.   Several … Continue reading

Athens Civil Rights Committee (ACRC)

Athens Civil Rights Committee (ACRC)

(Below you will find a suggested outline for  an Athens Civil Rights Committee)

This Committee would  advocate for the citizens of Athens in the areas of human and civil rights, with a primary focus on … Continue reading



An Athens Civil Rights Committee , formed by the Board of Commissioners, in partnership with the community, would develop trust and participation with disenfranchised citizens and address the broader challenges our community faces. Click HERE to learn more about ACRC and … Continue reading

Fair and Impartial Policing Trainging Recap

ACCPD Fair and Impartial Police Training Observation

Written by: Mokah Johnson
Edited by: Greg Wagstaff

Athens-Clarke County Police Chief, R. Scott Freeman, met with members of the Athens Anti-Discrimination Movement at a follow-up meeting to the July 10 #Black Lives Matter “Stop the Killing” Vigil held … Continue reading

Anti-Discrimination Ordinance discussed at packed ACC committee meeting

Photo Credit and Meeting Recap Written By Athens for Everyone

The anti-discrimination ordinance recommended by the ACC Government Operations Committee fully addresses Bar Admittance issues but is lacking elsewhere and does not contain the requested Human Relations Commission component.

The Government Operations committee of the ACC commission … Continue reading

Follow-up Meeting: Stop the Killing Vigil and Protest

Community members gather to share ideas & to address discrimination in Athens
Briana Bivens
Education Campaign Coordinator, Athens for Everyone

“Okay, let’s start by turning to your neighbors. Introduce yourselves, get to know each other,” said Mokah Johnson of the Athens Anti-Discrimination Movement. This collective display of respect … Continue reading

Athens Stop the Killing Vigil and Protest

For immediate Release: Athens Stop the Killing “Vigil and Protest”

July 9th-News Alert-Athens Clarke-County Citizens and local community leaders will gather at Athens City Hall 301 College Ave, Sunday, July 10, 3pm to pray and protest against the shooting and killing of Castile and Alton in addition to offer a … Continue reading